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It is always about people in great need both in Spain where we focus our information and in the rest of the world. They are people with low economic resources and in most cases with little financial knowledge. This situation of economic precariousness and the need to obtain quick money to cover the most basic needs, make a breeding ground to end up being deceived by unscrupulous people who swarm through the net to hunt innocents to get a penny.

In Spain, if you are in the delinquency filters called financial credit institutions you will have very difficult access to credit in traditional banks and savings banks, but keep in mind that neither the financial and companies that are dedicated to grant fast loans online they will grant you credit if you have records of defaults for previous operations and more difficult than private lenders that are offered on the internet who do not know you at all and will not gamble your capital by distributing your money to strangers without having the guarantee that they will to recover.

These purported lenders who advertise on the Internet, look for their victims by placing ads on any web page where they are allowed to leave their mark. For them, they do google searches similar to what a person who needs money would do. For example: I need 800 euros with financial credit institutions and without paperwork, or I need 2000 euros without payroll or endorsement. And to your search add the words gmail, hotmail, which are the most used emails on the planet. In this way, they get to those pages where people who are looking for money have left their advertisement or request for money.

Scams when asking for 1,000 Euros Loans

Scams when asking for 1,000 Euros Loans

The scammers do the searches with a robot program that copies all the emails that appear in the ads requesting loans and incorporate them into their database.

Once all the emails of their future victims have been selected, they write a text offering credits and loans that are mostly bad translations from other languages ​​into Spanish and launch their offer to thousands of users. To do this, they use all kinds of tricks indicating that they have seen your ad on this or that web.

When the victim answers, they immediately tell them that their loan is authorized even if they have rai, financial credit institutions, that they do not have a payroll and without collateral and all of them without paperwork and without asking for documents that prove it and the amount that they ask for is the same. whether you apply for a loan of 1,000 euros, 2,000 euros, 4,000 euros, 6,000 euros or 30,000. As the only condition they ask that a small amount be sent to them on account and with different concepts that justify it as country taxes, bank charges, for life insurance, etc.

These amounts on account ask that they be sent by urgent money shipping companies such as Wester Union or Money Gramm, all that is needed is to go to a post office where they give you a key number to withdraw the money that is precisely the one that Scammers are asking to withdraw cash at destination. Countries like Benim or Nigeria are very common in Africa. The fraudsters, to carry out their deceptions usually take real names of Internet or well-known personages like recently we have received news of a well-known journalist in Spain.

I need 1000 Euros, How to ask for money

But then, how can you ask for these quick mini-credits safely?

If your bank or savings bank has not agreed to grant the loan and you need 1000 euros or any other amount, it is absolutely essential to satisfy it, you can ask for the money in the online urgent credit financial institutions, among which can be cited Wonga, Ok money, Cofidis,,,, and always accessing the form on your website (never through offers received by mail), which will charge you high interest rates and commissions, but at least they are not clear scams. However, be careful not to call 806 or similar high-cost phones, as some supposedly legal financial companies raise money with this type of phone even knowing that they will not grant any credit.

There are also financial companies that even advertise on television that act in a similar way to scammers asking for advances for insurance and never grant the loan.

The best solution is to do a small research analysis by searching in google with the name or data that is being offered to see what is being said in the financial forums. For example, some cases that are advertised on television and teletext put their name in google followed by the word scam and find web and forums where irregularities are reported indicating that they have delivered the advance requested and have not received the money.

I need 1000 euros to get the loan:

I need 1000 euros to get the loan:

The online financiers that are dedicated to grant quick loans generally only grant up to 600 euros and in the first operation only pay 300 euros can expand the amount in subsequent operations when they have already paid well. However, if you need 1,000 Euros or more than the indicated amounts of 300 euros of the mini-credits, you have the alternative of borrowing money in several financial matters which we do not advise since you have to return the money in a short period of time maximum one month and this can further complicate your economic situation. However, there are financial institutions that grant higher amounts, such as Monedo, BigBank, Comunitae, although the procedures for studying the loan are longer and require more paperwork.

I need 1,000 euros being in financial credit institutions without Aval

I need 1,000 euros being in financial credit institutions without Aval

If you need to ask for a credit of 1,000 euros and it is in the records of defaulters, financial credit institutions as the most well-known, you should know that the first thing that banks, savings and financial institutions consult are these delinquent lists because of this In this way, they know the payment experience that the applicant has on other occasions that credits have been requested or have made deferred payments with cards or receipts.

The fact that your name appears in some of these delinquency records will be enough to not continue studying your case and the credit will be denied unless you justify the reason for the annotation and have documents that the debt is paid or paid.

However, there are cases in which the bank or finance company can overlook being in debt, and granting loans to defaulters, provided that the amount you request is small or considered as a mini loan typically up to 1,000 euros and that the amount of What you should and registered in default is for reasons similar to unpaid mobile telephony or unsubscribe from companies such as Canal Plus.

Loans of less than 1,000 euros without payroll or endorsement and without paperwork

Loans of less than 1,000 euros without payroll or endorsement and without paperwork

Getting a loan without having a stable job and without having to present a lot of paperwork and without questions, we can say that they do not exist. The same banks and savings banks that financial online, ask for many papers and want the applicant to have regular income that shows you can pay the letter every month. However, when it comes to small amounts, usually less than the 1,000 euros that fall within the so-called minicréditos, if it is possible to find financiers that grant the money quickly and instantly, without payroll, or endorsement and without other Guarantees without the need to present documentation as they charge high interest rates that compensate them for possible losses due to non-payment of some applicants. Our advice is to always ask for the money you request from your bank, as amounts such as the one we say of 1,000 or 2,000 euros can be granted by the bank as an advance payroll urgently.

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