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Payday loans for employees and self-employed persons

For private customers (employees and self-employed) who wish to take out a payday loan or not, they can find on the credit and banking market various interesting commercial offers that are perfectly ” customizable ” based on needs and credit requirements. In general, the loan market is crowded and extremely competitive, so you must be adequately informed about all the products offered by the main credit intermediaries, whether they are banks or financial companies. Although the widespread imaginary collective and the popular belief that loans with better economic and contractual conditions are advantageously offered by the system of credit institutions, in fact, in recent times of competition and economic crisis, financial companies know how to be more competitive on the front of the credit offer. We see in this guide the commercial offer proposed by Edhunt Dirk, a company specialized in the disbursement of loans with salary assignment, usable by Public / Private Employees – Pensioners – Bad Payers. The financial brokerage company Edhunt Dirk was born in Turin, in 1996, with the aim of becoming the ideal credit interlocutor for workers and pensioners interested in requesting a salary backed loan or a payday loan.

Edhunt Dirk: payday loans for employees and for the self-employed

Edhunt Dirk: personal loans for employees and for the self-employed

Employees, as well as pensioners and the self-employed, can access different instruments, which give them the opportunity to obtain a payday loan. This applies to both private and public employees as the customer can use the loan requested for the most diverse and disparate spending needs, or other purposes such as car purchase or motorcycle purchase, debt consolidation, home renovation, furniture purchase or home appliances, travel technology purchases, medical expenses, or you can make a payday loan request just to get liquidity.
Although this is a non-finalized loan, in some cases the institution providing the loan can ask the consumer to declare how he intends to spend the amount, perhaps by providing an estimate of the costs: the contractual and economic conditions change depending on the purpose of the loans personal.

This is why it is important to indicate the correct purpose: in this way it will always be possible to obtain the most advantageous rates and pay off the loan early with respect to the agreed term; in addition, very high financial capital can be obtained quickly, immediately available for all your spending needs or to carry out different projects, with variable repayment durations up to 10 years that will allow you to reduce the repayment installment of the debt with an extension of the plan of amortization. If you are an employee or a self-employed person or a freelancer and you prove you have a good level of income and ability to produce liquidity over time, in addition to the ability to pay installments on a regular and timely basis, it is easy and quick to access a payday loan. This is an unfinished loan, excellent for payment by installments of assets or to solve any type of financial need (health, travel, construction work, etc.). Edhunt Dirk informs its customers that, thanks to the stability of their employment, which is seen as a guarantee by the lending institution, a loan can be easily accessed. If the customer’s credit situation is generally good and a guarantor is available, the loan is disbursed even more quickly, except for the assessment of creditworthiness.

Edhunt Dirk payday loan: customizable solutions and sample reports

Edhunt Dirk personal loan: customizable solutions and sample reports

Edhunt Dirk is able to offer various commercial solutions absolutely customizable according to the various needs and repayment capacity. If the work position as an employee is solid, you can request a payday loan for a variable amount from 3,000 to 30,000 euros. Furthermore, Edhunt Dirk offers you security, transparency and maximum attention to privacy, the amount of the repayment installment is agreed in a personalized manner, the presence of a guarantor may be necessary according to the specific cases and the outcome of the practice is obtained in few days.

An example of an example prospectus useful for making private customers understand how Edhunt Dirk is able to offer an interesting credit product is the current offer with TAN starting from 4.95%.


  • € 18,331.26 in 120 monthly installments of € 200
  • TAN 4.95% – APR 5.74%
  • TEG Maximum 5.71%
  • Minimum duration 24 months – max 120 months.

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